The EMR2017, which will be a significant international media event, offers the opportunity to be directly involved by way of sponsorship to organizations that benefit directly from the business generated by energy and materials science.

For these groups, the Conference offers not only a return represented by their products being identified in the international scientific community, but also a chance to communicate about the role that they play in energy and materials science to a large number of professionals and researchers from a variety of countries that will be assembled at one place and at one time.

The following packages have been tailored to appeal to a wide variety of marketing objectives. However, if there are other ways in which your organization would like to be involved, we welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you.

Interested companies must contact us no later than 3 March 2017.

1 Gold Sponsor will be accepted for the conference. The sponsorship agreement will be negotiated to meet the sponsor’s needs. Negotiated benefits could include:

  • One exhibition booth situated in the exhibition hall.
  • Company logo displayed on the screen in the Opening and Closing sessions and prior to each session.
  • 1 advertising insert in the conference bags.
  • Company logo displayed in the exhibition hall.
  • 1 complimentary Conference registration.
  • Acknowledgement with company logo and name in the Book of Abstracts and in the certificates.
  • Acknowledgment as Gold Sponsor at the Conference website.

Price: 2500 €


  • Open Stand
  • Dimensions: 9m2
  • Platform with fitted carpet at the stand floor
  • Melamine white wood panels
  • Name of expositor at the front of the stand
  • 1 table, 2 chairs
  • Track Lighting with two spots
  • Electric panel with socket of 500 W
  • Power consumption: 1500W max.
  • Liability insurance
  • Cleaning

This package includes 1 complimentary Conference registration. Other complements and services are available under request (floral decoration, hostesses...).

Price: 1500 €

The Book of Abstracts will be distributed to all delegates at the beginning of the Conference. Negotiated benefits could include:

  • Company logo/information on 4 pages (B/W) of the Book of Abstracts.
  • Acknowledgment as sponsor at the Conference website.
  • 1 complimentary Conference registration.

Price: 1000 €

Name badges will be worn by all delegates. The card will be printed with the sponsor’s logo and the organization and delegate's names. Negotiated benefits could include:

  • Company logo on the badge card.
  • Acknowledgment as sponsor at the Conference website

Price: 1000 €

All registered delegates to the Conference will receive a Conference satchel. The sponsorship benefit is:

  • Opportunity to insert one promotional brochure or other item into the delegates' satchels.
  • Acknowledgment as sponsor at the Conference website

Price: 500 € per item

If these sponsorship/exhibition opportunities and benefits do not meet your requirements but you wish to support the Conference, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will adopt a flexible approach to sponsors, and may be able to negotiate an alternative that will meet your needs.